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Turning Your Holding Tank into a Septic Tank

Turning Your Holding Tank into a Septic Tank: Is It Possible?


If you’ve got a holding tank for your home’s waste and are tired of having it pumped out all the time, you might be thinking, “Can I make this a septic tank instead?” A septic tank could mean less hassle and could be cheaper to maintain. Let’s see what’s involved in making the switch.

Easy Guide to the Switch:

  1. What’s the difference?
    • Holding Tanks: These tanks hold all your waste until someone comes to pump it out.
    • Septic Tanks: These tanks do a bit more work. They let the liquid waste flow out into a special area of your yard called a drain field, where the ground cleans it naturally.
  2. Can You Make the Switch?
    • Check the Soil: A pro needs to see if the soil around your tank is the right type for a septic system.
    • Enough Room?: You need enough space for the drain field.
  3. Rules and Permits:
    • Get Permission: You’ll need a “yes” from your local health department to make sure you’re not breaking any rules.
    • Be Earth-Friendly: The switch should be safe for the environment, so you don’t pollute any water nearby.
  4. How to Do It:
    • Hire a Pro: Get a septic system expert to plan it out.
    • Building It: If you get the green light, they’ll build the septic tank and drain field.
    • Official Checks: Once it’s done, it needs to pass an inspection.
  5. What Will It Cost?
    • Upfront Money: Changing to a septic system can cost a fair bit to start.
    • Saving Later: But, in the long run, it might be cheaper than getting the holding tank pumped all the time.
  6. What Could Go Wrong?
    • Not All Can Change: Sometimes, your tank or yard might not be fit for a septic system.
    • Big Investment: The work to change it over can be a lot, both in effort and money.

In Summary:

You can change a holding tank into a septic tank if your yard is the right fit and the local officials say it’s okay. It’s a big job that could save you money over time, but make sure you’ve got the budget and the right conditions before you start.