septic tank riser installation cost

What exactly is a septic tank riser?

What exactly is a septic tank riser?

Due to the septic tank’s underground location, accessing and locating the lid to check and pump the tank may appear to be extremely tricky, time-consuming, and expensive.

Due to these factors, septic tank risers have evolved into a straightforward addition that will offer a quick, affordable solution to the access issue with septic tanks.

Additionally, it will make it possible to access the tank for pumping, cleaning, and other maintenance tasks more quickly and affordably.

What Exactly Is a Riser for a Septic Tank?

A septic tank riser is a pipe made of concrete or plastic that extends vertically from the top of the septic tank’s pump-out ports to practically the ground level.

Today’s typical septic tank constructions, particularly the older ones, lack strainers.

In particular, in areas where seasonal freezing occurs, risers are manufactured from materials with increased endurance against weather and all environmental conditions.

The length of a standard tank riser may vary depending on how far below the earth the tank is located, while the diameter may range from 8 to 24 inches.

Typically, a tight lid is used to close off the tank riser’s opening.


It is much simpler to access the septic tank for pumping, cleaning, inspection, and other maintenance tasks because it extends below the level of your grass to the septic tank.



It will be easier to avoid looking for and digging trenches for a septic tank on your lawn if you install a septic tank riser.

For effective maintenance, you’ll need to have simple access to your tank.

Installing a septic tank riser is simple, especially if you are aware of where your septic tank is.

Before preparing the ground around the access hole, you might want to contact our service expert to use an electronic location device or a bar to probe the ground.

Before the ground around the pipe is filled again and the lid is positioned on top of the pipe, the access hole lid must be replaced with the tank riser.

For the installation of a septic tank riser in your septic tank, please get in touch with Turnerseptic.

Main reasons to  install one:

One advantage of installing a tank riser is that it is an economical one-time expense.

When it comes time to service and repair the tank system, you’ll finally realize that the riser is a fantastic deal.

The septic tank riser is the most convenient way to reach your septic tank.

Since septic tanks must be regularly pumped every two to three years

it makes logical to make the tank easier to access using a septic tank riser.

The tank riser installation does not obstruct your regular activities at home, which is another advantage.

You probably won’t see it because it is installed such that it flushes with the surface of your lawn.

To install a tank riser for your septic system or arrange for local septic tank cleaning services, please give us a call.